Wallpaper! or is it a wall stencil?

So I couldn’t commit to wallpaper in the end; I’ve admitted my phobia.  But I got a similar look that I LOVE and I can paint over when I tire of it (which will happen; ask my husband, who recently said, “Do we have to repaint the master bedroom every summer?” and ,”How many coats of paint until the room is actually several inches smaller?!”

I used a wall stencil that you can order online (tons of choices) or buy from Michael’s (only a handful of choices).   I also used Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I HIGHLY recommend because it only comes in awesome colors and it dries very quickly.  (If you live near me, Chelsea and Savannah Art Studio sells all the colors so you can pick it up today).  This picture shows Napoleonic Blue.  I varied the depth of the color on the stencil on purpose 1) because I thought it looked beautiful and 2) it made it easier to hide my imperfections.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Paige says:

    That looks AWESOME Kristi! GREAT idea!!!!


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