Think you can’t afford an interior designer? Think again…

So I hear a lot from friends: “Oh, I could really use your help at my house, but I’m sure I can’t afford it.”  Not true.  In fact, my first several jobs, the customers all remarked to me and my husband (Kruft Contracting, Inc.), “So are you sure the design fee was included in your estimate?”  Yes.

So it’s true that designers all work a bit differently with fees, and in my case, it depends if my husband is your contractor too (better deal).  But you can’t afford not to hire a designer.  How many times have you watched HGTV and thought, “I could totally do that myself!” only to have it end up not quite as wonderful as you pictured?  Save yourself a few hundred (several thousand) dollars, and bring in another set of eyes, ideas, and creativity for your space.

Most times you can hire a designer to do a complete plan for your room for $500 (or less).  Then you can decide how much your budget is, and who is going to implement the details of the plan.  For example, will you do the shopping for lighting or tile elements or will the designer?  Each case is worked out individually, all on your budget.

If you can afford a manicure or pedicure, chances are pretty good that you can also afford help creating your sanctuary.



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