Pricing/How to get started

Design-only services:  

An in-you-home-consult is $125 for the first hour, plus you will get an electronic ideaboard /lookbook for one to two rooms emailed to you within 2-3 business days.  The ideaboard is yours to keep with paint color options, fabrics, furniture, flooring, etc.  We bounce ideas back and forth, color choices, furniture, style, etc at this session, as well as room layout.  The ideaboard will have shop suggestions for you to purchase yourself (and FYI, I am a total do-it-yourselfer, HomeGoods kinda girl – these will be affordable options, unless you state otherwise).  You can take it from there.

After the initial design consult, services are $65 per hour.  This is customized per job or project.  We may decide on a project fee or overall budget instead.  We will sit down and look at your individual project and come up with a cost-effective way for you to have the design you want without the cost you don’t want.

Design + General Contractor services (in other words, a remodel is involved): are also available and priced on a per project basis.


Click here to see more pictures of projects.  Trying to upload more each week…